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67% revenue growth in 30 day on average.

Did you know that for 95% of all accounts we audit, there is still room for improvement in profitability?

The most common Google Ads errors are related to campaign setup and conversion tracking.

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Why you should choose us

Google Ads specialist Ecomtrada is confident in its capabilities. We believe that there are tremendous opportunities for every business to achieve excellent results. To further convince you, below are the reasons why we should become your Google Ads partner.

1Results come first
We construct our campaigns with an approach that precisely aligns with what your business needs. It's all about your results. Together with you, we determine the best strategy by thoroughly understanding what you want to achieve. No fuss, just effective campaigns that seamlessly align with the goals and style of your business.
2FREE audit of your current campaigns
Curious about how your current campaigns are performing? We offer a free audit, no strings attached. Get valuable insights at no cost.
3Accurate Tracking & Analytics
No guesswork. We ensure accurate tracking and analytics, so you always know exactly how your campaigns are performing and where you can make improvements.
4No setup costs
Based on the results we generate, we are so confident that you will be satisfied that we do not charge any setup costs. Your initial fee is €800, and should you decide to discontinue, that will be the final charge.
5Your account, your ownership
With us, you retain complete control. Your account is your property, and you always have access to all data and settings. No hassle with shared access
1Purely and exclusively Google
Once started as a full-service marketing agency, we quickly realized that the adage 'good at everything, master of none' was not the path we wanted to take. It lacked focus, and that's why we decided to concentrate our expertise on where we truly excel: Google Ads. In addition to Google Ads, we also offer some complementary services that perfectly align with our specialty, including SEO, CRO, and setting up tracking.
2Cancel anytime on a monthly basis
Flexibility is our priority. You are not tied to long-term contracts. Our service is cancelable on a monthly basis, allowing you to retain control.
3Unique strategy tailored specifically for your business
No one-size-fits-all approach. We create a unique strategy tailored specifically to the needs and goals of your business. Your success is our priority.
4Transparent expenses
No surprises in our billing. We believe in a transparent cost structure, without hidden fees. You always know exactly where you stand, so you can confidently invest in your marketing. You pay €800 per month, whether you spend €1000 or €1M+.
5Proactive optimizations
We don't wait for issues to arise. Our proactive approach ensures that we continually monitor and optimize your campaigns. We anticipate changes and make sure you are always one step ahead. If something isn't going as planned, we keep you informed.

Our approach

How our Google Ads agency in Den Helder ensures that your business becomes optimally visible on Google depends entirely on your goals and budget. We discuss all of this in the first two meetings, and then? Run the best possible campaigns.

Curious about the next steps?

What do our customers say?

Who tells it better than our customers? No one.

Ecomtrada not only set up my Google Ads quickly but also explained how it works clearly. I not only felt helped but also more knowledgeable.



Ecomtrada review van Martin Richmond

Martin Richmond

Exceptional Google Ads teacher and setup expert! I had the pleasure of working with Lennard on Fiverr, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the results! Lennard not only taught me the ins and outs of Google Ads but also went above and beyond to set up a great campaign for me. His teaching style is both fun and effective, making the learning process enjoyable. 

Ecomtrada review van Frank

Frank Mulokozi

The educational aspect of the plan was invaluable for me. Ecomtrada not only provides a 'done-for-you' setup but also empowers you to make adjustments yourself. This aspect gave me control over my own advertising strategy.

Ecomtrada review van Katherine Pitcher

Katherine Pitcher


From the beginning, Lennard demonstrated a deep understanding of AdWords, evident in his strategic approach to my project. His insights and suggestions were not only practical but also highly effective, resulting in significant improvements in the performance of our campaign.

Ecomtrada review van Ben Gutierrez

Ben Gutierrez


Pricing packages

Transparent & Simple.


Not convinced yet? Below, you'll find everything you need.

1The free Google Ads account audit includes?
We thoroughly examine your Google Ads account to identify optimization opportunities. It's free and provides insight into how we can improve your performance. Feel free to use this information with no obligations.
2How quickly can I expect results?
Results may vary, but we aim to achieve measurable improvements within 14 days. The size of your account and the industry naturally play a role in this.
3When we decide to collaborate, here's what happens:
When we collaborate, we create a detailed growth plan. This includes specific strategies and steps to achieve your goals, regardless of the size of your account.
4What are the costs after the free audit?
During our free Google audit, you'll get answers to the question: How far behind are you compared to your competitors? From there, we'll explore the possibilities for collaboration. Our service has a fixed price of 800 euros per month, regardless of the size of your Google Ads account. While this may seem like a significant amount for a small account, we are confident in our knowledge and expertise, allowing you to scale quickly. Additionally, the unique opportunity to receive support throughout the day means that if you call us, we'll assist you with your questions or issues.
5What if I decide to stop after a while?
Our service is cancelable on a monthly basis. If you decide to stop, we ensure a smooth transition, and you retain full control over your Google Ads account.
6How quickly do we go from agreement to going live with my new Google Ads campaigns?
Once we have discussed everything and received the green light, we dive right in. Within a few days, we aim to launch your new Google Ads campaign.
7Do you help with creating catchy texts and cool images for my advertisements?
Absolutely! We're ready to assist you in crafting compelling texts and selecting engaging images for your advertisements. We want your ads to stand out!
8What if I want to specifically target certain groups with my advertisements?
No worries! If you have a specific target audience in mind, we'll discuss together how to reach them best. We ensure that your ads precisely target the right people.
9How does conversion tracking help me measure success for my online store or lead generation?
Conversion tracking is key! For online stores, it means we can see exactly how many visitors actually make purchases. With lead generation, we precisely measure how many people actually fill out forms or make contact. It provides transparency about what really works and where optimization is needed.
10What specific opportunities do you offer for online stores and lead generation?
For online stores, we focus on optimizing product advertisements, improving targeting, and leveraging store-focused features within Google Ads. For lead generation, we offer advice on effective keyword strategies, ad formats, and maximizing conversions. Our aim is to fine-tune your Google Ads campaigns for maximum impact.

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